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Last revised: March 2012

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Allow yourself to be in an undisturbed, quiet space.  No phones.  No people.  Become comfortable, soft music, a warm blanket.  Stretch your body. 

Be aware of your breath.  Breathe into your feet.  Left and right foot.  Bring the energy into your legs.  Breathe into your lower back, upper back, where we hold symptoms of emotional and financial support.  Breathe into the stomach, where we find dread.  Breathe into the heart, the chakra of love and betrayal.  Breathe into the lungs, breathing new life into your body.  Be aware of your burdens of responsibility in the shoulders, and drop all to the floor for right now.  Be conscious of your throat chakra, where we speak.  Be aware of any knots of anger here.  Swallow.  Notice the teeth, a place of decisions.  Breathe in through the right nostril.  Breathe out the left feminine side. 

Relax completely now.  Let your inner eye see a familiar picture.  Visualize using all five senses of taste, smell, touch, see, hear.  As you allow your mind to feel the ground beneath you, in a sanctuary, a place that you enjoy, and that makes you feel completely relaxed and at peace in the world.  Maybe in a forest or by the ocean or in a meadow.  What ever feels right for you.  Allow yourself to be there.  Smell the air, see the trees, hear the sounds of birds or crickets. 

When you are relaxed and safe in this space, allow your wise guide to come down a path to your sanctuary.  See what this guide looks like, what they are wearing.  Look into your guide's eyes.  Allow this wise guide to give you a gift now or later.  If it feels right, accept the gift.  It may be a feeling, a word, a picture.  Just accept.  Thank your guide.  Know that you can come to this sacred place, this inner sanctuary, anytime you choose by following your quiet time.  And any time you are in this special place, you can ask your guide for guidance and wisdom.

Whenever you are ready, keep breathing deeply, being aware of your body, releasing any tensions as you breathe.  Focus on your breath when old thoughts get in the way.

Now you can continue to stay here and be in peace, or you may choose to sleep or rest.  If you need to, you can return back to the room by stretching and wiggling your fingers and toes.

Continue to be in peace through your day.