Spiritualist Gibson practices what she preaches


Spiritual and metaphysical counsellor Heather Hill Gibson believes in practising what she preaches by working consistently to achieve the goals she has set for herself.

�I�ve been in the corporate world with Maclean-Hunter and was very successful.I took some time off to travel and then I moved out to Port Perry with my kids.�

Her counselling experience goes back to 1968, when she established a children�s support group in Port Perry.In 1990, she went to South Africa, where she spent four months, travelling and working.

In recent years she has been a volunteer with Cope Community Care in Uxbridge and has provided private counselling for students at Uxbridge Secondary School, working in co-operation with the guidance department.

Gibson has always taken a keen interest in the spiritual aspect of life and honed her tarot reading skills in the city 10 years ago.�I did it for friends and the kids just for fun, and I loved it.I knew it was what I wanted to do, but at that time no one could make a living at it.�

Changing perceptions and a growing desire to escape the unbridled commercialism of the eighties have since led many people to seek greater self-awareness through spiritual, rather than material, means, she said.�Now I�m making a very successful living and I expect (business) to double next year.�

Many of her clients were corporate businesswomen who were looking for counselling as well as readings, so Gibson obtained her counselling certificate from Durham College and began working as a community counsellor.

�From there I have developed spiritual counselling, which is a big part of my business.I also teach a lot of workshops.�Her aim is to set goals for her clients, which will help them realize their dreams and aspirations.�That�s what I�ve done for myself; everything I�ve wanted, I�ve pretty much achieved.�

At present, she divides her time as a counsellor between Stouffville�s Turtle House and New Age Books in Markham, but she plans to open her own separate professional office shortly.For more information call 642-0970.

~Kate Gilderdale


The Weekender Nov. 25, 1995