Heather Hill Gibson

Metaphysical & Spiritual Coach


Hi Heather,

I had a 1st Reading with you in May. Thank you so much it was wonderful.
You picked up on so many things that you have put my mind at ease.

Have a wonderful evening,


Hi Heather,

How are you? I know it has been a very long time. You have been in my mind recently and I would love for us to reconnect if you have some time. I have often listened to the last reading we had together 3 years ago and always found it to be one of the best readings I have ever had.

I would like to see in detail what is next for me as I continue to travel the world this year and as gifts and opportunities are unfolding. I hope all is well with you.

Many blesings and looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Heather,

Thank you so much for the last reading. It was a very intense experience for me. I really felt a connection and I also really appreciate that you took the time to look at my partner's condition also.

I am looking forward to getting the CD in the mail and writing down everything you said. I am also interested to compare the things I recall most to those things on the CD that I may not remember.

Thanks again,

Hello Heather,

I was able to find both the books you had recommended to me during our session. I was even able to find the Creative Visualization with the Treasure Map inside.
I am very happy with the reading we had and have never been to one where books were suggested.
This I feel will be a great tool to help me reach my desired goals as well as helping me fight the resistance I feel to succeed in this journey called life.
You were able to help me focus on what I need to and with the CD and books, you have given me the tools to make it happen. The fact you asked me to e-mail you with any questions, concerns, and/or issues I may be having going forward was above and beyond what anyone else has done for me.
For that I am truly grateful.
I know that with your guidance and help it will make this next step for me a little less frightening and much more enjoyable.

I am excited for my future and thank you for helping me to see what needs to be done in a clear light.
I am looking forward to your workshop.

Many Thanks,



I gotta tell you, she is one of the best readers I have ever been to. 
I also went to her for Spiritual Counseling many many years ago. Here is what I like about her reading.....
She tells you at the beginning, shuffle the cards then give them to me.
During this reading, you will not talk or say um hum or anything until the reading is done then at the end when she is done ask your questions.
She gives you a pad and paper, in case anything comes up that you may want to ask her at the end.
Yes it is taped. She goes into another place and she becomes this other person with amazing things to say that is so right for you.



Hello Heather,

Long ago, at Algonquin Park, we met briefly.

Something happened this morning which brought me around to thoughts of you. I never lost your name in my mind and my thoughts and I have never forgotten you. You touched my life in a way not many do. So now I find that I must contact you again. Something is telling me that I must email you.

Strange as this may sound, I believe that you remember who I am and it is time for us to reconnect.

However, I do know that I am supposed to send you a message to let you know that I am doing well and am thinking of you.

Thank you for the brief time that we did share, and I do think of you from time to time. I have had many occurrences and changes in my life lately that have changed my direction and I have found the real 'me' again.

I have you to thank for this and as much as it was maybe 15 minutes that we chatted all those years ago; the change in my life is a positive result.

Take care,



Dear Heather,

You are a gift that appeared in my life in perfect time! I cherished being present and learning with you. Yours was the most amazing Tarot reading I have experienced - very accurate and and spiritually inspiring. It seems like you have an essence of 'holding divine space' whereby the higher powers just flow through.

Thank-you for listening, laughing and your openness to experiment with my ancestors' readings. I loved attending your psychic workshop - it was fun and the energy felt so harmonious - somehow it felt like being with soul family. I will be there in spirit next Thursday. Next I am co-creating with the Universe that I come back to learn Tarot with you!

Until then, honoring my ancestors and living love, peace and gratitude.

From my heart to yours,