Heather Hill Gibson

Metaphysical & Spiritual


A life path reading is a journey of one�s life discussing the past, present, and future. The past is sometimes in the womb or a past life or just childhood times. The past is lessons to work out in this life and can be the most difficult time. People often come because of this time in their life that is most challenging. Often this is where one cycle in life ends (death cycle) bringing forth a new cycle, and new beginnings.

The present talks about the now, what is happening to the person at this time. It includes an understanding of the person�s personalities and unknown shadows, their talents, and their purpose. The present is a more abundant and happier time when the person is personally and emotionally growing, healing, and changing. The past and present are confirmations, because the client knows of these events.

The future is the next cycle to come which is unknown and sometimes not believed. The future cycle is often eight to twelve years in time measurement. Time is really about steps or personal work, not clocks and years as we know them.

The spiritual part of the reading is the guides and higher power or God that watches over you and helps with the journey of healing. It gives more guidance on a higher, more compassionate level. The guardian angel often comes from a specific person or family member that is with you on the path of change. Sometimes nature guides or native Indians appear, or a mother, father, or ancestors from the other side. There are also success cards to assist with self-respect, self-love, business, or career.

The person coming for the reading must refrain from drinking coffee or tea prior to the reading and should listen to their last tape if they had a prior reading. During the reading, which is taped, the client must be completely silent. After the reading, there is time for the client to ask questions and/or make comments about the reading. The reading itself takes about 30 minutes. Questions and understanding of the reading usually takes about 20 minutes. Resources and helpful suggestions for healing and direction takes about another 20 to 30 minutes. The first reading includes details on the past. In the second reading, the past is laid out and may be reviewed or mentioned, but is not read.

Heather always follows up a reading with either a phone call or an email. Coaching sessions or another reading can be booked afterwards or whenever a client is in need. Question and answer readings on specific issues, like an area in life that needs tuning or tweaking, can also be done.

Heather reads for clients in person in her office in Port Perry. She also does phone sessions for clients once a prepayment has been sent in the mail. A tape of the reading will be sent in return, with an email follow up.