Psychic advises Markham to ‘look within for peace’ in 1997



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There are big things in store for Mayor Don Cousens, says a Markham metaphysical and spiritual advisor.

Heather Hill Gibson shared with the Economist & Sun some insight into what she sees awaiting Markham and the world in 1997.

“I see Mr. Cousens as a very strong man,” Hill Gibson said.  “He has a positive heart, he draws from the heart.  He has good ideas and good vision and strong intuition.

“I see him as an embryo embarking on some kind of new beginning.  He is planting seeds for much bigger things.  He has a lot on the horizon, and a lot to bring to Markham,” she said.

Hill Gibson said she senses lots of anger and resentment in the community generally and she feels loving and nurturing energy are needed here more now than ever before.

“I can see this anger and resentment and so can Mr. Cousens,” she said.  “We all need to take a step forward and have courage to walk through the old ways, the old

fears, the old anger, to a peaceful place.  We are very good in Canada at throwing stones at others’ lives and houses but not so good at looking at ours.”

Hill Gibson draws on this theme in her look at the world in 1997.

“I see the world as the world within each of us,” she explained.  “Whatever we are feeling – fear, loss, pain – that’s what we go into the

world and create.  And the major changes going on in the world today are poisoning the world and poisoning ourselves.

“Young people are tapping into the insecurity of their families, of the job market and the world generally and we’re seeing more crime and more chaos.  What’s going on is that our security is being ripped away – jobs, relation-



People should listen to their hearts

is advice of psychic for 1997

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ships, family, and that is creating fear and anger and chaos,” Hill Gibson said.

“Even the non-believers are looking for answers.  Professionals like doctors, lawyers, police officers, are looking for answers and that starts with looking within,” she said.

“You have to start by looking for peace within yourself.”

Hill Gibson said people should listen to their hearts because those feelings are true feelings.  And feelings that are positive, right and good are the ones that will make life start to change for

you – then you follow that path.

She added that she feels Cousens has worked through many of his own issues, allowing him the ability and the courage to see new perspectives.

“We must all put away our judgement and condemnation and tap into our more loving feelings, more loving actions.  Then we will be able to put more love and peace into our community and each one of us, doing that, make our own contribution to world peace.

“Every day should feel like Christmas Day.”


Economist & Sun, December 31, 1996