Heather Hill Gibson

Metaphysical & Spiritual


Tarot and Intuition Level 1$150.00


bulletCertificate for all courses

bulletEasy and fun to learn

bulletOpen your intuition

bulletAwaken your spirituality

bulletRead immediately for others

bulletEthics and discretion how to


Tarot Intense Level 2$250.00


bulletPre-requisite Level 1

bulletIntense reading for 1 hour

bulletUnique topic weekly for a half hour

bulletPrivate tutoring with myself for a half hour

bulletGive a half hour presentation

bulletPrepare to make an income


Tarot Professional Level 3$350.00


bulletPre-requisite Level 2

bulletProfessional preparation

bulletOne-on-one with myself

bulletPrivate class to professionally read

bulletPolish your skills

bulletFind your own special style