By Christopher Meyers Almey

Oshawa Times Staff


Psychic Heather Hill Gibson is back in this area after four months in Africa.

“Please don’t make me sound like a whacko or a charlatan,” the 42-year-old pleaded.  “Are you a skeptic?  You sound like you are a skeptic.”

After my tarot card reading, Gibson said “I get a severe headache from you.”  Not surprising, since she had already uttered the same words earlier in my psychic counselling, which lasted about 20 minutes.

Gibson had never met me, yet she struck rather close to home throughout the session.

Toward the end of the reading she said:  “you have three very strong travel cards, which is unusual, as I have never seen a person with three at once.  Loyalties come up, I’m getting army and stuff…I don’t know if you have family, obviously I don’t think it would be you.  I have a feeling this might have something to do with loyalty or the army or patriotic kind of duty that might have some effect on this travel.”  Unknown to Gibson, her interviewer is in the army reserve.

Born in an Uxbridge midwife’s home, Gibson was brought up with two sisters on a Port Perry horse farm, driving a tractor at 5, working hard throughout her childhood.  She believes her father worked his daughters like the sons he wanted, but never had.

Despite saying the expectations that were placed upon them as children made them all responsible, successful individuals, Gibson said she had an unhappy childhood.

“I felt I was a psychic since I was born, being always drawn to the stars.  I was gifted, sensitive, articulate but ordinary child.  I had a bad childhood and wanted to escape that, so I escaped to another reality.  I think that’s why I am the way I am.

“Basically, it’s just tapping into someone’s mind.  I let my mind read and use the cards as a medium.”


She follows the readings up at a later date with pyramiding power, which sounds like so much mumbo-jumbo, but in reality is goal-setting through life charts.  But the pyramid power doesn’t stop with goal-setting.

“I believe in pyramids.  I’ve always put pyramid light around my car so I won’t get tickets.  I put pyramid light around people for health and good things to happen.  I could put pyramid power over you, but you have to believe in it.

“Everything in this world is energy, my thoughts are energy, I am a high-energy person, so I have a lot of power.  I give people good thoughts, my blessings, good hopes.

“I also work as a psychic counsellor, helping people plot out their lives, where they’ve been and where they want to go.

“I do use dreams a lot, as a lot comes to me in dreams.  I have a dream diary.  Sometimes I put myself into a dream state, into a trance state.  It’s something I have to work at.

“At some point in my life I would like to be a spiritual high priestess.”

She was almost treated like a spiritual high priestess in South Africa and was told is she returned there, everything would be set up to pave the way for her, from radio shows to newspaper interviews, to groups of clients, and she would make a lot of money at it.

Gibson performed her pyramiding powers for a group of multi-millionaires in South Africa, setting goals for them and having brainstorming sessions.

“They didn’t laugh at me there.  They told me they do something like this as a group on their retreats.”


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